• Are you hungry?

    Are you hungry?

    Looking to create a better tasting fresh sausage, cured and smoked sausage or cured meat cut. Are you looking to make a favourite recipe or just try something new, premium quality mixes, spices and ingredients from DnR will easily help you create the mouth watering delicacy.

  • Do it your self

    Do it your self

    With our top quality ingredients and equipment sausage making and meat curing is very rewarding not to mention a tasty treat

  • Meet the Meat

    Meet the Meat

    Check out our fine line of equipment and ingredients to help you make your favourite sausage at home. The right equipment makes the task just a bit easier.

  • Spicy Spices

    Spicy Spices

    Selecting the best spices helps insure a better tasting product, check our ingredients especially selected to help you make your best sausage or cured meat.

  • Best Sausage

    Best Sausage

    Our carefully select ingredients, equipment and accessories make it easy for you to make the sausage or cured meat product.

  • Equipment


    Our complete line of equipment will assist you in your sausage or cured meat adventure.

  • Knives


    Good knives are essential to meat and sausage preparation, check out our Havalon Knives with “Crazy sharp” blades

  • Netting


    Quality JetNet elastic netting, for hanging and smoking sausage, dried sausage and cured meats

  • Poly Bags

    Poly Bags

    Great for storing your fresh meat and of course packing away your finished sausage and processed meat

  • Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades

    Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades

    Special high carbon steel and hardened teeth, precision sharpened, ideal choice for meat and bone-in cutting

  • Smallwares


    A selection of accessories and tools to help with your sausage and meat processing

  • Bradley Products

    Bradley Products

    Take your outdoor cuisine up to a whole new level, add some Bradley to your adventure

  • Packaging, Vacuum bags etc

    Packaging, Vacuum bags etc

    An excellent method of storing your finished sausage and dry cured meat products

  • Casing


    Fresh salted pork, sheep and beef casing, Collagen, Fibrous casing for making your sausage

  • Ingredients and Mixes

    Ingredients and Mixes

    Individual spices, ingredients, blended mixes including Gluten Free for fresh and cured sausage, curing products for those special projects

  • Meat Smoking Etc.

    Meat Smoking Etc.

    Smoking sausage and cured meats, choose from a line of smokers and smoking sawdust

  • Knife Sharpening

    Knife Sharpening

    A great way to keep those knives with an fine edge to make your processing a breeze